Education is not for free

Working for education… this is a joke a lot of countries actually practice. But it is not the governments fault entirely. Of course the government could say they would take more taxes and you would not have to pay for education individually but that is not the right way.

The right way is to get people who have had a life full of experience to tell others about it.

Tell children about the language you have used, tell children about the troubles you had. Tell them how to do your job better than you did… by telling them what you have learned.

Education is important.

Make a difference but educating those who cannot educate themselves. You do not need a masters degree to do that. You do not need to be called a professor to do that. What you need is to be human enough to help other humans, help the world.

Without education this entire civilization as we call it is going down. No education means no future. So start helping today, help in your own way.

Do not request payment to save the future of the entire human race. Educate whenever you can. Share your experience, share your thoughts. Not because you feel better but because you can help.

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