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What a mess!

To put it simple:

The german educational system is a mess!

I am not just talking about the change from 13 years of school to 12, but I am also talking about the further education including university.

Right now I am in my second semester of business information systems(bis) and it seems like there might be some confusion on the teaching part of the branch of study.

The current students on my course of studies have to learn about 800 DIN A4 pages of business economics whereas the current students in business administration(BA), which represents the major of learning about business economics, have a summed up number of 18 pages to study. I am aware that my major is a combination of the two fields of computer engineering and business administration but it seems like the professors teaching the subjects actually are not. How can it be possible to make those who do basically two degrees at the same time learn about 45 times as much as those who just major in one degree, especially if the course I am talking about is their main focus during their time at university. This is sick.

Throughout my university and from peope at other universities, too, I have heard similar things on different subjects/courses. How is it possible that this is a fair and even competition.

A friend of mine just told about an hour ago that the university actually stated to try to clear up their majors by a certain degree, but it seems like they do not do that for every subject to the same amount. On the example shown above the average grades in business administration are at about the level of 2.1 which is fairly good, whereas the average grade of my field of studies is at about 4.0.

In my eyes this is not quite what it should be like. But well who decides such things? Not us, the students.

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